The Ford Edge redefines capability in a variety of ways. It boasts a roomy, two-row cabin that's rich with tech, safety, and amenities. Two capable engines motivate it through all types of terrain and road conditions. Its all-wheel-drive makes it even more powerful and capable. Our Diamondville, WY Frontier Ford Inc. also loves the following capability features.

All-Wheel Drive With a Twist

Back in the day, you had to adjust steering, gear-shifting, braking, and accelerating to maximize traction on slippery surfaces. The Ford Edge does it all for you thanks to Intelligent All-Wheel Drive. Linked to an on-board computer, Intelligent AWD monitors road traction and anticipates possible wheel slippage, sending torque to wheels selectively to prevent wheelspin and maintain optimal grip and stability.

Bi-LED Headlamps and Fog Lamps

Let there be the best light possible. The Ford Edge spares no expense on its illumination, boasting headlamps and fog lamps containing LED. LED is brighter than traditional halogen, uses less energy, and lasts longer. Plus, the bi-LED architecture encapsulates high and low beams into a single assembly, saving space and money.

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