Here at Frontier Ford Inc., we're excited about the new design features of the Ford Mustang that make it more competitive in its class. As one of the most popular sports cars in the auto industry, the Ford Mustang is hard to miss when you see it on the road in Diamondville, WY. It comes with a few additions that make it more appealing and sharp.

Drivers can select the Black Accent Package to get a black spoiler, black aluminum rims, and black mirror caps. The robust grille on the front of the vehicle also makes the car stand out without becoming unrecognizable. The larger wheel arches and creases in the bodywork make the car look like a work of art without causing it to lose its athletic profile. The sharper contours also cause the vehicle to look more cutting-edge and modern than in previous generations. This model even has optional racing stripes for a touch of nostalgia.

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