The moment you settle into the Ford EcoSport's cabin, you know you're in for a good ride. Spacious, plush, and tech-rich, this compact SUV is ideal for groups and families, with in-vehicle amenities for everyone. What kinds of amenities? Our Diamondville, WY Frontier Ford Inc. highlights two such amenities for your info.

Sync 3 with Navigation System

Sync 3 is the unofficial champion of all infotainment systems. Occupying a large, full-color dashboard touchscreen, Sync 3 is the flagship in-vehicle command center for the Ford fleet. Its Navigation System uses GPS satellites, rich 3D graphics, and up-to-date turn-by-turn directions to get you safely and quickly to your destination. Plus, Sync 3 also points you to gas stations and coffee shops along your route, helping you and your Ford EcoSport stay fueled and happy.

Power, Speakers, and Lighting

Whether you're on the go in Lyman, WY, or at home power-washing your driveway, the Ford EcoSport has you covered. It boasts an in-cabin 110-volt outlet to juice electrical devices. The whole cabin contains an array of high-def speakers for the ultimate in surround sound. Integrated ambient lighting sets a calming mood during early morning or late-night commuting.

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