The Ford Escape offers much to talk about: its roomy interior, plush cabin, advanced drive-assist, and capability features, for example. Trims benefit from three powerful gas-powered engines and a beastly hybrid powertrain, but that's only where the Ford Escape's capability features begin. Our Frontier Ford Inc. team in Diamondville, WY has your brief rundown.

Drive Modes for Every Road

Back in the day, you had to adjust your driving behavior to maximize traction, handling, and cornering in snow, on slippery roads, up hills, or on race tracks. The Ford Escape does all the work for you. With its Selectable Drive Modes, you can choose Eco, Sport, Normal, or Deep Sand/Snow. There's also a selectable drive mode called Slippery. Each drive mode automatically tweaks the powertrain and steering for the ultimate in grip, stability, and fuel economy.

Hitch up Everything but the Kitchen Sink

If you need to lug a heavy trailer to a destination outside Lyman, WY, the Ford Escape has you covered. Its buttery smooth transmission and array of engines give the Ford Escape towing capacities ranging from 1,500 to 3,500 pounds.

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