At Frontier Ford Inc., we know you want to understand your vehicle's machinery. Today, we're covering oil viscosity ratings. This knowledge will make you a better Diamondville, WY car owner.

Viscosity is the measurement of how a fluid resists flow. Imagine tilting a glass of tea and a glass of honey. Tea easily flows, but honey moves slower. Therefore, tea has a lower viscosity than honey. We would call honey more viscous.

To properly lubricate engines against heat and friction, we need slick, viscous oil. In your owner's manual, your vehicle's brand recommends a motor oil viscosity rating. It may be 5W-20, 10W-30, or another rating. Don't let the hyphen throw you. It simply conveys the oil's viscosity range, which is temperature based. For instance, 5W-20 tells us that the oil's viscosity during non-operating temperatures is 5W. When you're running the engine, that oil's viscosity is 20. Never differ from your vehicle's recommended viscosity.

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