The Ford Edge ST has made a positive impression on vehicle enthusiasts of all ages. This sports-based SUV displays phenomenal styling is full of advanced innovations and is a road warrior. Keep reading for more in-depth knowledge on what this vehicle can do for you.

The Ford Edge ST is primed for better performance than its standard counterpart. This SUV grips the highway much better than its predecessor, and it comes equipped with many more beneficial features. For enhancing the ride quality, the Edge ST comes with Torque Vectoring Control as well as independent front and rear suspension. Wheel sizes come in 20-and 21-inch diameters. The vehicle's eight-speed automatic engine is paired with a 2.7-liter turbocharged engine that generates up to 335 horsepower. There's also 360 pound-feet of torque that's available.

The Ford Edge ST needs no further introduction so come on down and see this amazing SUV in person.

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