Take a Look at the 2019 Ford Escape's Best Capability Features

At Frontier Ford Inc., we're often asked about which compact SUV is our favorite. While there's a lot to consider, we're confident in saying that the Ford Escape 2019 would be one of the top choices. It's a high-quality and popular compact SUV that includes a ton of useful capability features.

Let's talk about some of our favorites. Let's start with the car's Roll Stability Control, courtesy of its AdvanceTrac system. This feature uses gyroscopic sensors to monitor things like speed, internal condition, and roll rates. In practice, this means the system can help you avoid the negative consequences of internal malfunctions like wheelslips, oversteering and understeering, and roll motion.

Next, the Ford Escape also includes a high-tech, six-speed Select Shift Transmission. With this, you get to enjoy the best aspects of driving both manual and automatic vehicles. Better yet, you can switch between different settings at the flip of a switch. Most cars require you to stop the vehicle entirely before making such a dramatic change in the transmission. This capability is one of the best feathers in the Ford Escape's cap.

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