Customize the Ford Ranger for Off-Road Adventures

Available in three trims and two cabin sizes, the 2019 Ford Ranger appeals to adventure-seeking people in Diamondville, WY. Our staff members at Frontier Ford Inc. will show you this mid-size pickup truck that has enough interior space for up to six occupants.

This reliable American car has several advanced lighting systems that enhance your visibility for off-road trips. Powered by LED, the fog lamps generate enough illumination to penetrate through thick fog and mist. LED headlamps are also installed on this versatile pickup truck. These automatic headlamps have sensors that monitor oncoming traffic.

You can add several optional exterior accessories to protect the 2019 Ranger from damage in rugged areas. For example, the steel bash plates can withstand forceful impacts with rocks and stones. Chrome-covered skull caps for the side mirrors add some extra levels of protection. Additionally, this pickup truck can be equipped with magnetic wheel-lip moldings to prevent accumulation of mud and dirt.

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