The Staff at Frontier Ford Inc. Is Waiting to Show You The 2019 Ford Edge in Detail

It's that time again when finding a new vehicle has become a priority. There are so many delightful options to choose whether that be a pickup, compact or full-size sedan. If you have settled on an SUV for your next vehicle, then you should definitely give the 2019 Ford Edge a look.

There are many features in the 2019 Edge to be excited about and more than a few reasons why it will be fun to drive around Diamondville, WY. The Ford Edge is built to be put through its paces. With a 2.7L V6 EcoBoost engine and all-wheel drive that hugs the road, the Edge ST will have you smiling around every turn.

The 2019 Ford Edge also introduces the new rotary E-Shifter that eliminates the traditional gearshift of old and frees up space. This allows drivers to have easier access to cupholders, storage, and the ideally placed USB port.

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