The New Ford Flex and Impressive Comfort Features

If you are curious why all the buzz about the new Ford Flex, take a close look at a few of the comfort features inside this three-row midsize SUV.

It doesn't matter if you need to get your girls’ soccer team to their practice or take the family on a long summer road trip, the standard seven-passenger seating in the Ford Flex will keep everyone happier. Plenty of leg room and comfortable seating means everyone will be able to relax and ride in style, regardless of how long or short of a trip it might be.

Once inside the Ford Flex, moving to your seat doesn't mean you have to climb over the other passengers, thanks to the second-row bucket seats with pass-through. Simply walk to your row and take your seat, without making things uncomfortable for anyone else in the vehicle.

Want to test drive the Ford Flex? Stop at Frontier Ford Inc. today!

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