Drivers Love the Ford Fusion Energi Technology Features

The all-new Ford Fusion Energi was made this year to exceed the popularity of this plug-in hybrid compared to last year.

Once you place your new Ford Fusion Energi in reverse, the rear-view camera is activated and you have the chance to clearly see everything behind your vehicle. The center console screen becomes your eyes in the rear, allowing you to see pedestrians, vehicles, even stationary objects.

When you shift the new Ford Fusion Energi into reverse, you will be activating the Cross-Traffic Alert feature. The radar in this system scans the road around your vehicle to detect anyone driving or walking that might be in your path, alerting you in time to slow down and proceed carefully until clear again.

Test drive this new Ford Fusion Energi by getting over to Frontier Ford Inc. and opening it up on the road to really experience all the features within for yourself.

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