The Ford Fiesta Really Performs

Fiesta owners love the economical features of the subcompact vehicle. Yet, the little Ford's capably perform when needed. The new models are now on display in Diamondville. Mix and match your favorite options to personalize your new ride.

Choose from the base 1.6-liter or the 1.6-liter turbocharged engine to suit your driving needs. The optional manual transmission offers greater fuel efficiency. But many prefer the standard six-speed automatic version. There is also a beefier six-speed transmission for anyone wanting convenience but more power.

The sport-tuned suspension was designed for better handling. The W-rated high-performance tires make the difference in summer. The power steering is now electrically controlled, which decreases the burden of the old hydraulic pump versions while providing smoother steering. See all of the new Ford Fiesta upgrades and amenity options at Frontier Ford Inc. Take one for a delightful spin and experience the powerful difference.

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