Enjoy Your Ride in the 2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid

Whether you're someone that likes to pump up the volume as you drive or you're someone that likes to enjoy the peace and quiet, the 2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid has you covered. This popular hybrid sedan has a high-quality audio system and unique technology to create a driving environment you'll enjoy.

When it comes to audio, the Fusion Hybrid comes with two sound system options. The standard option is a nine-speaker system. However, you can upgrade to a premium 11-speaker system. When you don't want to listen to the radio, Ford has included their Active Noise Control system in every configuration. Engine noise from within the cabin is recorded by an array of microphones. This data is used to determine how the noise can be canceled. The car may produce opposite waves to dampen the noise from outside. Best of all, this process doesn't affect conversations.

Check out the 2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid today. Stop by the showroom at Frontier Ford Inc. in Diamondville, WY for a test drive.

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