The Matter of Measuring Tire Pressure

Have you checked your car tire pressure lately? It's easy to forget something like that until it causes a problem with driving, but tire pressure matters more than some might think.

Maintaining the proper tire pressure is a safety issue. With overinflation, the car's weight is unevenly distributed, and with underinflation, tires are too soft to do their best work. Without enough air, those underinflated tires cause friction between the rubber and the road. This creates heat inside the tire that weakens its structure, and the tire tread wears out unevenly and faster than it should. Next, it affects vehicle traction and could lead to a tire blowout. And, on the economic side, improper tire pressure reduces gas mileage.

Our service staff at Frontier Ford Inc. has all the tire information you need. Stop by our convenient Diamondville location to learn more about tire pressure and have yours checked.



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